Auction Instructions

Using My Account

If you are a registered user of, then the "My Account" section of our website is your most powerful tool for managing your account. After logging in with your username and password, you can control nearly every aspect of your account and online bidding from here.

  • Personal information - By providing up-to-date contact information, your online bidding and buying is sure to be smooth and fast. You can view and edit that information here, along with changing your username and setting a new password.
  • Current bids - For active bidders, this is the best place to keep track of the items you are bidding on. Your current bid status for recent items is shown here, along with other important information.
  • Auctions won - For active bidders, this provides a list of auction items you have won.
  • Auctions lost - For active bidders, this provides a list of auction items you have lost.


View Items in Person 

At TOWizard, we believe that informed bidders become happy buyers. That is why we strive to provide our bidders with an accurate and comprehensive description of all auction items. To do this we provide all information that might be relevant to the specific item as well as photo galleries.

In addition to viewing items online, bidders are encouraged to inspect items in person whenever it is feasible. Almost all of the auction items listed with TOWizard are available for inspection at our yard between 9:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

With our attention to the details we provide online and our personal customer service, we try as hard as possible to help you make good purchasing decisions.

If you need more information about any of our items, please contact us and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.


Our goal is to provide a user-friendly marketplace for auction buyers that is easy, secure, and fair. Here are the basics of bidding to help bidders get the most out of our auctions:

  • Register - Before you can bid, you must first register to use the website. Registration is a simple and secure process, but if you need help, just contact us and we'll guide you through it.
  • Read - Familiarize yourself with the auction items you are interested in before you place a bid. Be sure to read the item description and view all of the pictures. Feel free to ask us questions too. Learning everything you can about an item before you commit to buying it will help make your buying experience more enjoyable.
  • Bid - After you have signed in to the website using your username and password, you're ready to bid. When you are ready, type the amount that you are willing to pay for the item into the box, then click on the button that says "Place Bid". The minimum bid is shown below the box, but you can always enter an amount larger than the one shown.
  • Win - After submitting your bid, you will see a message telling you whether you are winning or losing. If your bid was too low, consider placing another bid. If your bid was high enough to put you in the lead, then you can still be outbid by someone else. As long as the item is still open for bidding, you can increase your bid amount. Depending on your communication settings, our system can send you an email if you ever get outbid on an item. You can also track the items you are bidding on through the "My Current Bids" section of the website.


If you have any questions about our bidding process, feel free to contact us.


Once an auction has concluded, buyers are notified via email that they have won the auction. A deposit of 10% of the total value must be made within 24 Hours of the auctions completion. This deposit may be made over the phone using a MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. The deposit may also be made in person using cash or credit card. If a deposit is not made within 24 Hours, all bids are void and the auction will be re-listed.

The remaining balance is due within one week of the auctions completion. Once the remaining balance is paid, the vehicle or item may be picked up at our yard. If the vehicle is not picked up within the one week period, the deposit is forfeit and the vehicle or item will be re-listed.