Our Equipment


GMC Topkick with GVWR of 33,000. This truck is a medium duty tow truck. We use it for small to medium sized Motor Homes and for trucks under 26000 GVWR.


T-30 is a 2004 Chevrolet with Air Conditioning for customer comfort. with a Century slide back 19 foot X 8.5 foot steel carrier.


This is a two door which will seat two adults, plus the driver comfortably.


2005 Kenworth with a Century 35 ton recovery and towing unit. Has very good towing and recovery capabilities. We tow Tractor and Trailer, and other large trucks.


2008 Ford F 650 truck with a Challenger Twin line boom and 3500 # under reach also has an 8,000 # side puller mounted between the cab and Bed. This unit works great for recoveries in tight places, and alongside busy highways.


T-34 is a 2015 Freightliner M2 with a Century slide back 22 feet long by 8.5 feet wide.

With this truck we can handle many of the 4X4 trucks that are on the road today.

This truck also has the ability of letting the air out of the rear suspension while loading to lower the rear of the bed several inches. This allows us to drop the rear down lower for a lower approach helping to facilitate the loading of lowered vehicles.

This cab which will seat four adults, plus the driver comfortably. 


2016 Ford 5500 truck with a Century 19 foot by 8.5 foot bed. We can carry two passengers plus the driver.