Private Property Impounds

Private Property Impounds are covered under California Vehicle Code 22658.
If your vehicle has been towed from private property
In the State of California there are laws that control the towing Rates, and release of your vehicle. In general, police agencies are not involved in this type of tow; however, towing companies are required to notify the local law enforcement agency within the town/city/ county from where the vehicle was towed.
What do I do when I realize my vehicle is no longer parked where I left it?
Do not assume your vehicle has been stolen as your vehicle may have been towed. Check the location where the vehicle was parked to see if there are posted signs, which list information for a particular towing company. Look for signage at the entrances of the property. The signage should have the name and phone number of the towing agency that is contracted for towing from this property. If TOWizard's name is on the sign, call us at (760) 757-0975 If there are no signs at the entrance or at the location where the vehicle was parked, Call the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the area.
Who has the legal right to authorize the tow of my vehicle from private property?
The owner of the private property where you are parked or a property manager and /or their agent(s) can have your vehicle towed. This includes a tenant, as an agent for the owner.  The towing company cannot be the agent for the property owner except to clear Fire Lanes and entrance areas to the property and exit areas from the property and has no authorization otherwise to tow the vehicle without a written order signed by an agent at the time of impound.
How do I retrieve my vehicle From TOWizard after it has been towed from private property?
What documentation will I be required to provide when I retrieve the vehicle from the storage location?
You will need
1.     An official government photo ID and / or a valid driver's license.
2.     If you are picking the vehicle up for the Reg. Owner You will need a signed and notarized statement from the registered owner granting permission for the named individual to retrieve the vehicle.
3.     Payment by one of the excepted methods of payment. See Payment Options below.
If your vehicle is not drivable, TOWizard will remove it from the storage yard to the public right of wayat no additional charge.  You will not be permitted to bring tools with you and work on the vehicle at the tow yard for liability reasons.
What are the maximum fees allowed for private property impounds?
The fees for Private Property Impounds are most always restricted to that of Local Law Enforcement. TOWizard's rates are the same as local law enforcement rates.
TOWizard Payment Options
TOWizard Accepts Cash, Visa, Master Card  & American Express.